Who we are

We are here to help companies and organisations get the best out of our connected world. We mean connection in all its forms: technological, economic, digital, personal, scientific and emotional. Together, we connect the dots between where you are and where you want to be. 

Our connection with each other is just as important. We are a senior team with diverse backgrounds, and celebrate the unique insight each person brings. We believe in progressive ideas: a fairer society, flexible working, and the power of communication.

robin dally

Robin Dally

Technology has always been hugely exciting to me – from being a child, trying to fix my BBC Micro, to seeing thirty years later how it’s helping us join the dots, to connect with each other in new ways… Read more



katie fewings

Katie Fewings

As a writer, I support clients with their content, key messages, tone of voice and style. As a consultant, I map out their social connections and see how to make communication more efficient and effective… Read more



anita morgan

Anita Morgan

In my role as marketing consultant I deal with CRM management, prospecting processes and social searching both internally and for our clients. I manage email marketing campaigns across a variety of platforms and build automated marketing solutions …Read more



rowan richardson

Rowan Richardson

I work with the We Are All Connected team to develop optimised, user-focused websites and solutions for our clients…. Read more


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