Search Engine Optimisation

Do you need help with search engine optimisation (SEO)?

  • Could you rank higher in search engines?
  • Is your website properly optimised?
  • Could you get more organic traffic and conversions?
  • Could your content perform better for you?

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Why do I need SEO?

Some people will know your brand name and head directly to your website. Other people won’t know you, but will know they want the services or products you offer. SEO helps these people to find you when they are searching for something relevant online.

SEO helps you to…

  • get in front of the right people at the right time
  • increase visitors to and conversions on your site
  • build awareness of your brand and messaging online
  • grow your audience and customer base

How does it work?

Search engines can see how much you are talked about online and we work with you to increase that. To do this we…

  • identify the language your customers use (keywords), what they are looking for (search query), and what they actually need;
  • make sure the language on your site matches that of your customers;
  • check the technical nuts and bolts of your website are working, so that the search engines know what you offer.

Got an SEO question?


What does ethical SEO mean?

Ethical SEO has always been our core principle – in fact, our company used to be called exactly that. Google wants people to be transparent and honest with its search engine and their customers. That means communicating clearly and effectively on your website, creating high calibre content and providing a good user experience.

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SEO in practice…

“Our main five websites had been losing traffic for around six months due to some difficult technical SEO issues. We Are All Connected has provided invaluable advice and support, which has completely turned this around. We are now seeing solid growth which has increased our sales and revenue. The journey has been an enjoyable one.”

Jonathan Perry, Marketing Director – PEI

Our clients

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